Icom Handheld Radios (Summary)


Icom IC-V80E

129.00 €


Icom ID-31E



Icom IC-E92D



Icom IC-E80D


Icom desktop rigs (HF,VHF) are here.
Icom Mobile- and portable rigs are here.

Various Icom handheld Accessories

WCS-xx Programming Kits

WCS-xx Programming Kit

Program Icom handheld radios conveniently at your computer: Enter and manage memory channels. D-Star enabled radios allow setting of al lD-Star related parameters. Store and print the memory list on your computer, copy memory contents to another radio (cloning function). Open several memory files at once for easiercopying and management. The radio is connected with the supplied programming cable to a USB port of your computer. The programming kist software works with Windows2000, XP and Vista.

Order No.
WCS-7000 for IC-7000 (USB) 66.70 € Buy now
WCS-2820 for IC-E2820 (USB) 66.70 € Buy now
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Various Icom handheld Accessories

Order No. Radio
BP-216 IC-E90 Battery case 2x AA 38.80 € Buy now
BP-217 IC-E90 Icom Battery (Li-Ion 7,4V/1300mAh) 109.00 € Buy now
BP-217.01 IC-E90 Battery (Li-Ion 7,4V/1400mAh) 48.00 € Buy now
BP-173.01 IC-W32E Battery-Pack 9,6 V / 800 mAh 35.90 € Buy now
BP-208N IC-V82/U82 u.a. Battery case 29.60 € Buy now
HM-158LA IC-V82/U82 u.a. Loudspeaker/Microphone 36.50 € Buy now
BC-167SD diverse Wall charger 19.50 € Buy now
OPC-254L DC-Cable, open Wire 10.90 € Buy now
HM-131 diverse Loudspeaker/Microphone 39.50 € Buy now
HM-128L diverse Earphone/Microphone 29.50 € Buy now
OPC-478 diverse Cloning cable serial 39.00 € Buy now
OPC-478UC diverse Cloning cable USB 55.50 € Buy now
UT-121 D-Star Option for IC-E91 and IC-9100 189.00 € Buy now
OPC-2006 IC-T70E Adaptor cable f. HS-94, HS-95, HS-97 14.00 € Buy now
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