Antennas for data services/ISM/RFID 868MHz

Circularly-polarized panel antenna for 868MHz, RFID antenna

Bild Antenne RFID 868MHz
Circularly-polarized panel antenna for RFID and other applications. The antenna is supplied with down-tilt mast mounting kit.

Technical Data HSP-868C
Polarisation Circular Right Circular Left Linear/Horizontal
Frequency Range 865 - 869 MHz 860 - 880 MHz 865 - 869 MHz
Bandwidth 4 MHz 20 MHz 4 MHz
Gain 9 dBi 7,5 dBi 9 dBi
HPBW hor. 65° 65° 65°
HPBW vert. 70° 65° 70°
ver­ 21 dB 18 dB 21 dB
SWR ≤ 1.4:1 ≤ 1.3:1 ≤ 1.3:1
Impedance 50 Ω
Max. Power 100 W 50 W 50 W
Connector 1m Cable with N female socket N female socket 1m Cable with N female socket
Dimensions 260 × 260 × 35mm 320 × 200 × 100mm 306 × 306 × 35mm
Weight 0.750 kg 2.000 kg 1.400 kg
Order No. 18755 18755.LHCP 18755.LIN
Price 75.00 € 78.00 € 75.00 €
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*) 18755.LIN: Not in stock, we order this item only upon customer request. Please contact us directly.
Alternative for small quantities: 18760.LIN, see below.

Circular or linear polarised flat panel antennas for 868MHz (RFID Antennas)

CK-868 (18760)
CK-868 (18760)

Circular or linear polarized directional antennas for indoor or outdoor use, suitable for RFID applications. The CK-868 has four inserted nuts on the rear for mounting on flat surfaces. Optional mast mount available (18686.H).

Technical Data
  CK-868 CK-868LIN
Frequency Range 860 - 930 MHz 860 - 930 MHz
Polarisation Zirkular Links Linear
Gain 7 dBi 7 dBi
HPBW hor. ca. 70° ca. 70°
HPBW vert. ca.70° ca.70°
Connector N socket N socket
Dimensions 250 x 250 x 60mm 250 x 250 x 60mm
Weight 0.7kg 0.7kg
Mast mount Option Option
Order No. 18760 18760.LIN
Price 109.00 € 109.00 €
  109.00 € 109.00 €
  In stock, shipped in 1 or two days. In stock, shipped in 1 or two days.

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18626.H Optional mast mount for CK-868, aluminium 19.50 € Buy now In stock, shipped in 1 or two days.
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Datasheet CK-868 (PDF, En, 150KB)

868MHz Magnet base antenna

Magnet base antenna 868MHz

Magnet base antenna with approx 250cm PRO-100 cable, with SMA connector. Gain approx. 2 dBi.

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20110.868SMA SMA connector 23.50 € Buy now In stock, shipped in 1 or two days.
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868MHz Omni Antenna

868MHz Omni Antenna 18003.868

Outdoor antenna for mast top installation, with antenna socket in the base for protected cable feed inside the mast tube. Gain 5 dBi, radiator grounded for better protection against static electricity. Connector N female, total length 260mm, suitable for mast tubes up to 41 mm diameter.

868MHz Omni Antenna
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18003.868 Omnidirectional antenna 868MHz 49.00 € Buy now In stock, shipped in 1 or two days.
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Suitable wall mount -> article 23077

868MHz Equipment antenna

Equipment antenna 868MHz BNC
BNC connector
Equipment antenna 868MHz TNC
TNC connector
Equipment antenna 868MHz SMA
SMA connector

Equipment antenna with BNC, TNC or SMA connector, 868MHz, length 8cm, Gain 0 dBd.

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17010.868BNC BNC 21.20 € Buy now In stock, shipped in 1 or two days.
17010.868TNC TNC 21.20 € Buy now In stock, shipped in 1 or two days.
17010.868SMA SMA 18.00 € Buy now In stock, shipped in 1 or two days.
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Antenna splitter 868MHz

Antenna splitter 868MHz

Antenna splitters (aka 3 dB combiner, power divider) are used to combine two or four antennas into a larger antenna system. If the antennas are all aligned to point in the same direction to achieve a higher gain, in this case the antennas have to be fed a phase aligned signal. Or the antennas point at different directions to cover a larger area, in this case the phase relation of the feed is less important.
We offer splitters for two or four antennas, all connectors N jack (female), weatherproof suitable for outdoor use.

Order No.
18040.868 2 way Splitter 63.30 € Buy now In stock, shipped in 1 or two days.
18041.868 4 way Splitter 73.00 € Buy now Not in stock, back on: 04. Apr. 2017
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