Scanner antennas

Antenna Tuner for Receiving Antennas MFJ-959C

Bild MFJ-959C

Don't miss rare DX due to signal power loss between your receiver and antenna. The MFJ-959C provides proper impedance matching so you can transfer maximum signal from antenna to receiver.
It covers 1.6 to 30 MHz. 20 dB preamp with gain control boosts weak stations. 20 dB attenuator prevents overload. Select from 2 antennas and 2 receivers. It measures 9 x 2 x 6 inches. Required power supply 9-18 VDC.

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MFJ-959C Antenna Tuner with Preamp. 159.00 € Buy now
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PL-cable for connecting the preselector to the receiver(s). Low loss cable, both sides PL-Plug, only 5.5 mm diameter.

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40402.50CM PL-cable, 0.5m 10.30 € Buy now
40402.01 PL-cable, 1.0m 10.90 € Buy now
40402.02 PL-cable, 2.0m 12.10 € Buy now
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HF active antenna MFJ-1020C

Bild MFJ-1020C

Active antenna with preselector for 300 kHz to 40MHz, ith adjustable amplification -5 to 15dB. Preselector with 6 overlapping ranges from 0,3 to 40MHz. To be used indoors with the included whip antenna, or with an outdoor antenna (not included) which is connected to the PL input jack. Power supply either with internal 9V battery (not included) or with external 12V DC supply (not included). Size 5 x 15 x 13cm.

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MFJ-1020C 126.50 € Buy now
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Discone antenna

Discone antennas are vertically polarized wideband antennas with omni directional pattern. The frequency range is 75 to 900 MHz; the antenna can be used for transmitting from 100 to 500MHz with reasonable SWR. Height approx. 85cm, connector PL. Discone antennas work principally as a vertikal dipol. The Gain is 0 dBd or 2 dBi.

  • Height of the antenna: 75cm
  • Diameter of the ring above: 58cm
  • Diameter of the cone below: 87cm
  • Length of the mounting tube: ~60cm

U-bracket for pole mounting allow mast diameter from 25 to 52mm.

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18060 65.00 € Buy now
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DIAMOND D-130J / D-190 / D-3000 Discone


The Discone antenna is the most suitable form for a wide band omni-directional antenna. It is used by military as well as other commercial services worldwide. The Diamond Discone antenna use stainless steel for most parts, the construction is very solid. This ensures a reliable operation for many years. The Diamond discone antennas are suitable for transmission with the VHF/UHF amateur bands and can replace or complement the usual staion antennas.

The D-130J works for reception from 25 – 1300 MHz, transmit.wise it's useable on 6m, 2m, 70cm and 23cm, with limitations also on 900MHz /GSM). This antenna is available with PL or N socket.

The model D-190 is designed for a higher frequency range, from 100 to 1500 MHz. This makes the antenna somewha tsmaller and less visible. Transmission is possible on 2m, 70cm and 23cm, partially with rteduced power up to 30 W only. See data sheet. This antenna comes with a PL female socket and 10m RG-58 cable with PL connectors on each end.

The Diamond D-3000 Discone is used for reception from 25 – 3000 MHz, transmit on 6m, 2m, 70cm and 23cm. Connector is N female.

In the paperwork accompanying the D-130J (18061) the max. diameter is mentioned as 41cm. This is an error, this should read "max. radius". So the max. diamteer of the antenna is approx. 82cm.

Order No.
18061 Diamond D-130J Discone 25-1300MHz, PL socket 95.00 € Buy now
18061.N Diamond D-130NJ Discone 25-1300MHz, N socket 89.00 € Buy now
18062 Diamond D-3000 Discone 25-3000MHz, N socket 129.00 € Buy now
18063 Diamond D-190 Discone 100-1500MHz, PL socket, 10m Cable 85.00 € Buy now
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Download: D-3000 Mounting Instructions (18062) (PDF, EN, 740KB)
Download: D-130J Mounting Instructions (18061) (PDF, EN, 950KB)



Broadband scanner antenna for high frequencies. Frequency range 100 - 1500 MHz! In the amateur bands 2m, 70cm, 23cm you can transmit with max. 50 watts. Top-processing, not cheap junk, chrome, stainless steel rods. Includes mast clamps, cable 10m, 2x PL connector. Length 84cm, weight 520g, diameter 36cm, yaw mount 25-50mm

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18063 D-190 with PL-jack 85.00 € Buy now
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Desktop Discone

Desktop Discone Scanner Antenna

The Desktop Discone 18065 is one of the best solutions for indoor receiving antennas. The antenna works with the well known Discone principle and covers a frequency range from 25 to 2000 MHz. The heavy magnet base can be placed anywhere, for example on the window ledge or on the heater. The antenna should be placed near a window for best reception results. 4m coaxial cable with BNC connector are included. Discone antennas work principally as a vertikal dipol. The Gain is 0 dBd or 2 dBi.

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18065 Desktop Discone Scanner Antenna 99.00 € Buy now
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Download: Datasheet 18065 Desktop Discone (PDF, DE/EN, 65KB)

Mobile Discone

Mobile Discone Antenna

The mobile discone is a modified design of the desktop discone. The technical data are the same like the desktop version, only the radials were left off and the shaft is shortened. The antenna has become smaller and can now be used on the car roof with the heavy magnetic base. 4m coaxial cable with BNC connectors are included. Total length 64cm, 9cm diameter magnetic base, weight 800g.

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18066 Mobile Discone Scanner Antenna 49.00 € Buy now
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Antennas for handheld scanner

In spite of the highly sensitive receivers, a better (in mos tcases longer) antenna can improve reception dramatically, especially on lower frequencies.

Model RH-951S RH-795 RH-799 17008.11 17008.10 SRH-789
Frequency Range 120-1200 70-1000 70-1000 68-87 108-165 90-1100 MHz
Length (retracted) 35 19,5 19,5 35 35 20 cm
Length (extended) - 115 113     80,5 cm
Order No. 17017 17029 17030 17008.11 17008.10 17038
Price 33.50 € Buy now 24.50 € Buy now 26.20 € Buy now 31.10 € Buy now 26.60 € Buy now 29.50 € Buy now
Download: Datasheet 17008.11 Antenna (PDF, DE/EN, 50KB)
  • RH-951S: Flexible wideband antenna, 120-1200 MHz, Length 35cm, with BNC connector.
  • RH-795: Telescopic antenna 70-1000 MHz, Length 113cm, BNC connector. With the supplied table easily adjustable to the length optimized for the required frequency.
  • RH-799: Similar to RH-795, but with knuckle
  • 17008.11: Short antenna for 4m band. Resonance at 84MHz, no comparision to usual wide band antennas. Can also be used for transmission in that frequency range. Length 35cm, with BNC connector.
  • 17008.10: Airband antenna, optimized for 108-165 MHz. With SMA connector for scanners with SMA jack.
  • SRH-789: Long telescopic antenna 90-1100 MHz, with SMA connector. Good performance on 4m.

Boni-Whip Active antenna

Boni-Whip Antenna
Boni-Whip Bias-Tee

Despite its small size (only about 14 cm short), this antenna has excellent receiving results at long-, medium- and short-wave range as well as for VHF up to 300 MHz. Already at low frequencies the Boni-Whip provids very good receiving results. Already applicable from 10 kHz, it is a good choice for the low-frequency interested.

The antenna is an ideal addition to all short-wave receivers and SDRs. It is supplied via connection cable, the required Bias-Tee is included. All antenna connections are BNC standard.

Antenna electronics is in a weather-proof housing. Because of the changeable beams, the antenna can be used with other or your own beams or wires.

Technical Data
Frequency Range 10 kHz - 300 MHz
Power Supply 9V - 15V
Gain up to +3dB
Upper frequency limit (-1db) 300 MHz
2. order intercept point > +55dBm
3. order intercept point > +32.5dBm
Connectors BNC
Order No.
18067 Boni-Whip Antenna 119.00 € Buy now
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Accessories for Boni-Whip

The Boni-Whip antenna is supplied without cable. This is understandable because everyone needs a different length. We offer several cables for this antenna. You need two cables: at first one longer cable between antenna and the DC injector (both sides BNC), and secondly a cable between the DC injector (BNC) and your radio.

Further you need a 12V (13.8V) DC power supply which can supply at least 300mA current. The connector is a DC coaxial connector on the DC injector, our article 42913. Power Supplies are to be found here. Optionally a mast mount bracket is offered, depending on the installation positon of the antenna (ref. 18067.MH). A surge protector (ref. 21049.BMF) can be useful for the Boni whip to protect the receiver. It should be used if a good grounding is available near the installation position. To protect the BNC connectors against rain we offer self vulcanizing tape, ref. 23065.

Order No.
18067.MH Mast Mount for Boni-Whip 16.00 € Buy now
21049.BMF Surge Arrestor BNC male/BNC female 40.10 € Buy now
42913 DC coaxial connector 2.60 € Buy now
23065 Self vulcanizing tape, 1m 13.20 € Buy now
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Order No.
40403.50CM H-155 LowLoss cable 0.5m, BNC/BNC 10.30 € Buy now
40403.01 H-155 LowLoss cable 1m, BNC/BNC 10.90 € Buy now
40403.02 H-155 LowLoss cable 2m, BNC/BNC 12.10 € Buy now
40403.03 H-155 LowLoss cable 3m, BNC/BNC 13.40 € Buy now
40403.05 H-155 LowLoss cable 5m, BNC/BNC 16.00 € Buy now
40403.10 H-155 LowLoss cable 10m, BNC/BNC 22.30 € Buy now
40404.50CM H-155 LowLoss cable 0.5m, BNC/PL 10.30 € Buy now
40404.01 H-155 LowLoss cable 1m, BNC/PL 10.30 € Buy now
40404.10 H-155 LowLoss cable 10m, BNC/PL 22.30 € Buy now
40390.01 H-155 LowLoss cable 1m, BNC/SMA 20.50 € Buy now
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Shortwave wire antenna

Longwire antenna Longwire antenna

Excellent wire antenna for shortwave listeners, consists of 20 or 40m PVC coated copper wire, two insulators, all required hardware plus a magnetic MTFT balun in weatherproof case. The balun is explained here in more detail. With this balun the antenna can be fed with any length of coax cable. With an additional tuner this antenna can be used for transmission in the range from 1.8 to 30MHz with 150W.

Order No.
11372.20 with 20m copper wire 85.00 € Buy now
11372.40 with 40m copper wire 94.00 € Buy now
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Bonito Loop ML-200

Mega Loop ML-200 ML-200 RX Antenna

The Bonito ML-200 is a wide band active antenna for reception of long, medium and short waves as well as the lower VHF band. The antenna is is characterized by a small apcking size, low noise and excellent signal levels.

The ML-200 consists of a flexible, braided wire loop with large wire gauge. The loop is connected to the amplifier, both are installed by hanging the wire to the wall, into a window, in a tree or on another suitable supports. The amplifier is supplied over the coaxial cable (not included) from a supplied Bias-T. This Bias-T has connectors for an external supply voltage as well as a socket for a USB cable. The voltage can range from 5 to 15 V. The USB connector makes the antenna very well suitable for portable operations with a computer.

Despite the high amplification, the ML-200 has a very low noise level, as comparisions to other active antennas have shown. The antenna can be used from long wave (9 Khz) up to the lower VHF range of 200 MHz. The amplifier has a very high 3, order intercept point of +40dBm. This results in a very high distortion free blocking dynamic range. The amplifier is protected by a twofold overvoltage protection. With this protection the antenna not only survives a thunderstorm but can also be used in vicinity to transmitting antennas, for example in the garden of a radio amateur or on a sailing yacht.

With the small packing size and the USB power supply the ML-200 is very well suited to accompany you in a vacation. For example the antenna can be easily installed with two suction cup holders in a window. The coaxial cables are not supplied because most customers require different lengths. WiMo does provide several ready made cables, and can also manufacture a cable tailored to your requirements.

Packing size 20 x 20 x 5cm, weight 480 g. Connector on amplifier: BNC, HF-Connectors on Bias-T: 2x BNC. Requires additional DC cable or USB cable for power suply. Supply voltage from 5 to 15V DC, max. 40mA.

Order No.
ML-200 Bonito ML-200 Mega Loop 369.00 € Buy now
18067.MH mast mount 16.00 € Buy now
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Blog: Review by Fenu-Radio (Switzerland) about the ML-200 (german, opens new browser window)
Blog: Comparision of the ML-200 by DF4OR (german, opens new browser window)

AAS-300 3-way antenna splitter

AAS-300 Antennajet
AAS-300 Schematics

AAS-300 3-way Antennasplitter up to 300 MHz

The AAS-300 antenna splitter can distribute the signal of a receiving antenna to up to 3 recipients. About low noise, large fixed broadband signal amplifier to the internal division occurs without mutual interference. The antenna splitter is powered via USB with power. For this reason, the splitter can used in mobile/portable use too.

This splitter is not suitable for transmitting.

Technical Data AAS-300
Frequency Range 9 kHz - 300 MHz
Power 5 VDC, 50mA (USB-B)
Connectors BNC-Jack
Gain 0 dB, Impedanz: 50 Ω
Case robust aluminum profile housing with edge protection
Dimensions 115x90x32mm, Weight 300g
Isolation of outputs against each other 70-40 dB @ 1-300 MHz
IP3 at 10 MHz 35 dBm
Order No.
AAS-300 Antennasplitter AAS-30 249.00 € Buy now
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Antenna Splitter ASA-15


ASA-15: Antennea plitter for shortwave up to 70 MHz.

The antenna splitter ASA-15 distributes the signal of one receiving antenna to up to five receivers. Each of the five outputs has an individually selectable wideband amplifier with 12 dB gain. Further a 15 dB attenuator is integrated in the input to reduce strong signals. The internal distribution is done with low noise amplifiers, preventing mutual influence of the outputs on each other. The selected configuration is shown with LEDs on the front panel. A power supply (12V/1A) is included.

This splitter is not suitable for transmitting.

Technical Data ASA-15
Frequency Range 9 kHz - 70 MHz
Power supply 11 - 15 VDC, 300mA
Connectors PL female
Gain 0 dB, Impedance: 50 Ω
Enclosure solid aluminium case, rubber protected
Dimensions 200x200x55mm, Weight 1 Kg
Output Isolation approx. 50 dB @ 30 MHz
1 dB Compression point at 7 MHz 15 dBm
IP3 at 7 MHz 24 dBm
Order No.
ASA-15 Antenna Distributor 1:5 276.00 € Buy now
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Antenna distribution 4:2 ASA-42


ASA-42: 4x2 antenna distributor for shortwave up to 70 MHz

With the ASA-42 antenna distributor the signal of four receiving antennas can be distributed to up to two receivers. The mutual influence of the receivers is reduced with wideband amplifiers, allowing to use multiple receivers on the same antenna. The selected configuration is displayed with LEDs on the front panel. A power supply (12V/1A) is included.

This distributor is not suitable for transmitting.

Technical Data ASA-42
Frequency Range 9 kHz - 70 MHz
Power supply 11 - 15 VDC, 300mA
Connectors PL female
Gain 0 dB, Impedance: 50 Ω
Enclosure solid aluminium case, rubber protected
Dimensions 200x200x55mm, Weight 1 Kg
Output Isolation approx. 50 dB @ 30 MHz
1 dB Compression point at 7 MHz 15 dBm
IP3 at 7 MHz 24 dBm
Order No.
ASA-42 Antenna Distributor 4:2 249.00 € Buy now
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Wideband Antenna Spliter/Combiner Diamond SS-500

Serves to connect two antennas to one receiver or vice versa - one antenna to two receivers. This device contains a wideband transformation network which combines both inputs and transforms the impedance. Further this networks isolates both inputs against each other.
The insertion loss up to 200MHz is less or equal than 0.8dB, isolation between both inputs is 30 dB (@3-200MHz).
Due to the high isolation between the two inputs the SS-500 can combine any two antennas, also with different frequency ranges, without one antenna shortening the other antenna.
50 Ω impedance, SWR better than 2:1, Size 80x60x30mm, Connector 3x PL female. This splitter/combiner is not suitable for transmission.

Technical Data SS-500
Frequency Range 0.5 to 500MHz
0.5 to 3MHz > 18dB
3 to 200MHz > 30dB
200 to 500MHz > 17dB
Insertion loss  
0.5 to 3MHz < 0.6dB
3 to 200MHz < 0.8dB
200 to 500MHz < 1.0dB
Impedance 50 Ω
SWR < 2:1
Weight 130g
Dimensions 80x60x30mm
Order No.
22050 Diamond SS-500 Splitter/Combiner 60.00 € Buy now
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Antenna splitter for 1090 MHz

To connect an ADS-B receiver with a wideband scanner or a flight radio receiver to a common antenna.
The Splitter has two Outputs, one for a ADSB-Receiver (Radarbox, SBS-3 etc.) and one more for 1,6-400 MHz, to any other receiver or scanner. The integrated circuit ensures that the two outputs are combined to a correct impedance, on the other side to avoid influencing each other are isolated.

The insertion loss is max. 0,5 dB, the Isolation between the 2 connectors is minimum 45 dB.
50 Ω Impedance, SWR better 2:1, Size 80x60x30mm, Connector PL. This splitter/combiner is not suitable for transmission.

Technical Data SS-AIR 1
Frequency Range 1.6 to 400MHz  
Insertion Loss < 0.5 dB
Isolation > 45 dB
Impedance 50 Ω
SWR < 2:1  
Dimensions 80x60x30 mm
Weight 130 g
Order No.
22051 Diamond SS-AIR 1 Splitter 78.00 € Buy now
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SAT antenna TA-1 Turnstile

TA-1 Turnstile

Crossed dipoles with one director element for reception of LEO sats in the frequency range 137 to 152 MHz. Gain at high elevations 0 dB, at lower angles up to 4 dB. 50 Ω feed, SWR <2:1, total height 1300mm, diameter 1065mm, weight 2kg, Windload 90N @ 160km/h. Includes mast clamp. The antenna comes with 1 m RG-58 cable attached, without connector. You need to install a suitable connector before use.

Order No.
18350 TA-1 79.50 € Buy now
42005 N connector, solder, RG-58 4.50 € Buy now
42203 N connector, crimp, RG-58 3.90 € Buy now
42002 PL connector solder, RG-58 1.20 € Buy now
42002.01 PL connector solder, Teflon, RG-58 1.80 € Buy now
42070.58 PL connector, watertight clamp, Teflon, RG-58 5.20 € Buy now
42503 PL connector, crimp, RG-58 1.70 € Buy now
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Download: Mounting Instructions TA-1 (PDF, DE, EN, 50KB)

KE-137 QFH Circular Antenna for NOAA and ACARS

Diamond KE-137

Circular polarised antenna for reception of NOAA weather satellites on 137 MHz, or ACARS transmissions on 135 MHz. The KE-137 is a quadrifilar helicoidal (QFH) antenna. Due to the construction of the antenna the satellites are picked up at a very low angle above the horizon, but equally well when right over the antenna. The circular polarisation is required to compensate fluctations of the signal strength. And the same applies to aircraft and their ACARS transmissions on 135 MHz, which can be received with the same antenna. The antenna is weatherproof and intended for installation on a mast. A mast clamp for mast diameters from 25 to 65 mm is included. Height c. 100cm, weight c. 1100g, connector PL female.

Order No.
18355 Diamond KE-137 239.00 € Buy now
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Comparision of KE-137 receiving a NOAA Wx Sat

See below a before/after comparision of a KE-137 antenna. The second image shows the improvement of reception with the Diamond KE-137. Receiver was a standard RTL-SDR, Software 'WXtoImg' and 'SDR#'.